Refractory Material

Under our Refractory Materials, the customers can bulk buy ceramic fiber blanket, ladle nozzle, flow control refractory, and many other materials. These are specifically outlined to protect the machines, buildings and systems against lifted heat. They are dimensionally stable and simple to install. These are composed by using A-grade refractory raw materials to provide effective results and performance. The provided Refractory Materials can also be personalized in terms of raw materials, shape, size and quality.
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Slide Gate Plate

t present, the aluminum-zirconium carbon skateboard on the market adopts the traditional carbon combination. Although it has the characteristics of good thermal shock performance and high strength, it is easy to cause carbon oxidation when casting some special steels, resulting in loose structure of the skateboard, reduced strength and slippage. The phenomenon of lama in the district is not strict. Based on the traditional non-burning high-performance skateboard application, Chengding uses self-developed composite carbon materials and composite antioxidants to better solve the thermal shock stability problem of traditional non-burning high-performance skateboards, basically avoiding the lower skateboard.

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Ferro Silicon

Price: 728 USD ($)

Si:58.92% Al: 2.15% C:0.25% P:0.02% S:0.021%


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